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Rent Professional Video and Photography Equipment from RSP Rentals

We’re excited to announce the launch of Red Squared Productions’ newest offering – RSP Rentals!

If we understand anything about producing video and digital content, we understand that having the right equipment is essential. In fact it’s everything. That’s why we’re giving filmmakers, photographers and content creators the opportunity to rent our equipment for their production needs. 

Through our user-friendly website, you can now choose from a selection of cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and more to bring your project to life and add a professional touch to the finished product.

“As a professional producer, I realize the importance of having a variety of equipment at your disposal to really give your projects that stand-out factor. The more I met others in the same line of work, I noticed a void in the local market for photography and video equipment rental,” says Roderick Red, the owner of RSP Rentals and Red Squared Productions. “I decided to fill that void by providing equipment to people who really need access to it.”

With equipment as low as $15 per day, RSP Rentals is a great option for filmmakers and creators who have limited budgets.

“I wanted to make our prices competitive and budget-friendly for our local filmmakers and photographers,” says Roderick.

To view our full inventory of equipment, click here. For more information about RSP Rentals, contact Follow us on Instagram @redsquaredproductions and like our Facebook page to stay updated on new additions to our inventory.